Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Building Letterheads VII

In 1926, Algiers businessman August Schabel commissioned New Orleans surveyor Elbert Sandoz to subdivide a property into four 30-foot sections.  His letter to Sandoz prominently featured an image of his 601-03 Patterson Street corner store, Schabel's Sanitary Grocery & Meat Market.

An advertisement on the letter's verso listed Schabel's specialties as:

Fresh killed beef, veal, pork, mutton, lamb, sausage

Poultry, game, fish, shrimp, crabs, oysters

Apples, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, berries, cherries, melons, canteloupes, bananas

Dried prunes, apples, peaches

Fresh milk, cream, cheese, butter, buttermilk, domestic and imported cheese, eggs

Potatoes, onions, cabbage

Pigs' feet, spare ribs, tongues, kraut, imported olive oil, Italian paste, jams, preserves, pickles, relishes, etc.

Fancy cakes, candies, plum pudding, mince meat, jellies, fruit cake, assorted crackers, extracts

Sugar, rice, barley, meal

Toilet and laundry soaps

Poultry and stock feed

Images above:  Aug[ust] Schabel, letter to Elbert G. Sandoz, 21 January 1926, Guy Seghers Office Records, "District 5 Square 39," Southeastern Architectural Archive, Special Collections Division, Tulane University Libraries.

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