Tuesday, May 15, 2012

House Proud 1967

This blog has recently been featuring a series of digital images of buildings emblazoned on business letterheads.

This is the first example we have encountered that has a large image of the company's building printed across the body of its stationery.

The Jackson Homestead Association, located at 311 Baronne Street, was formally dedicated 15 June 1965. Occupying the site that had earlier been part of Labiche's department store, the Jackson Homestead building was designed by the New Orleans firm of Saputo & Rowe.

Jackson Homestead had been founded in 1887, and survived the 1929 stock market crash. For its 1965 grand opening, the association caroled its glass curtain wall and its "dramatically different" banking space:

"Handsome foliage, richly grained wood and tasteful furnishings, as well as the most modern business machines add to the beauty and efficient operation of our new home."(1)

Mayor Victor Schiro presided over the ceremonies, cutting the ribbon to formally open the extensively remodeled $550,000 building.

(1) "Jackson Homestead Association: New Home" Dixie Magazine, feature of The Times-Picayune 13 June 1965: pp. 17-20.

Image above: Santo D'Arcanegelo, letter to Guy Seghers, 15 March 1967, Guy Seghers Office Records, "District 4 Square 237," Southeastern Architectural Archive, Special Collections Division, Tulane University Libraries.

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