Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIGITAL Crescent City Pictorial

The fine folks at Amistad Research Center have announced their digitization of The Crescent City Pictorial, a 28-page souvenir book dedicated "to the Progress of the Colored Citizens of New Orleans, Louisiana, 'America's Most Interesting City.'"

With photographs by Villard Paddio, designed by O.T. Griffin, and published by O.C.W. Taylor, The Crescent City Pictorial provides incredible documentation of early 20th-century African-American businesses. For property researchers, the booklet includes Paddio's images of streetscapes, building facades, and interior operations.

Image above:  Villard Paddio, photographer. "Carr and Llopis, Undertakers." The Crescent City Pictorial  (New Orleans, LA: O.C.W. Taylor, 1926). Amistad Research Center. As viewed online through Tulane University's Digital Library. Click here for direct link.

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