Friday, January 24, 2014

Brickcrete Co-Op

Yesterday the University of Michigan announced its digitization of a scarce civil rights-era newsletter, the Selma Inter-Religious Project (1966-1969), now available online through the Hathi Trust Digital Library. Digitization required securing permission from the publisher, the Revered Francis X. Walker, now 81 years old and living in Tennessee. Walker initially developed the newsletter in hopes of drawing support for the civil rights movement, and reported on abuses and developments.

For those interested in the building trades, Walker reported on the establishment of a profit-making cooperative -- called HELP-COA -- outside of Camden (Wilcox County) Alabama:

Brickcrete on slab construction became popular in the early 1950s, and one finds advertisements for such residences in regional newspapers. Brickcrete was also produced in southeastern Louisiana and Mississippi. In New Orleans, the Holloway Construction Company built brickcrete houses under the name "Holloway Homes" and maintained a model home in Estelle Heights, Marrero, Louisiana.

Image above: Francis X. Walker. "To Serve this Development." Selma Inter-Religious Project (13 January 1969): p. 2.

To consult the newsletter online, click here.

Read more about the digitization project here.

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