Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Report on the NOLA Master Plan

The Bureau of Government Research (BGR) has recently released its Connecting Neighborhoods to City Hall: Neighborhood Participation and the New Orleans 2030 Draft Plan, which outlines the organization's policy response to the draft master plan's community participation program. BGR's report provides an overview of perceived problems and makes recommendations for improvement. The latter include:

  • Develop a participation system that connects neighborhoods directly to the City Planning Commission
  • Redraw the planning district boundaries to better reflect neighborhood boundaries and interconnections
  • Deploy planning staff in a strategic manner
  • On matters that affect two or more neighborhoods, bring relevant neighborhoods together
  • Require an official response to neighborhood concerns
  • Either extend the comment period for the draft master plan or remove the community participation program from the draft plan

To read more about the organization and its reports, click here.

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