Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Orleans Houses of the Future

The November 2009 issue of The Atlantic features Wayne Curtis's article "Houses of the Future," which addresses the new post-K domestic architecture:

"Four years after the levee failures, New Orleans is seeing an unexpected boom in architectural experimentation. Small, independent developers are succeeding in getting houses built where the government has failed. And the city's unique challenges--among them environmental impediments, an entrenched culture of leisure, and a casual acquaintance with regulation--are spurring design innovations that may redefine American architecture for a generation."

Curtis highlights five structures, including Tulane University School of Architecture's URBANBuild Prototype 04, located in Central City at 2036 Seventh Street. To see an interactive map of the featured buildings, click here.

In November 2007, Robin Pogrebin, writing for The New York Times, referred to the new New Orleans architecture as "posthurricane vernacular" and named the emerging styles: the Defensive, the Defiant, and the Do Good. To read/see more, click here.

There is another ever-present form as well: the Demolished.

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