Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Architect's Drawings for Sale 1881

As reported by The Daily Picayune 12 November 1881:

"Special Notice to Architects and Builders. -- For sale at the office of Howard and Thiberge. No. 13 Commercial Place, a valuable Architectural Library Black Walnut Book Case; also a large Black Walnut Chest of Drawers, containing 578 Architectural Drawings. Original Designs. Plans. Elevations, and Sections with Preliminary Studies, Rough Sketches, Tracings, Specifications, and several selected Plates of American Architect and Building News, all belonging to the undersigned, who will state terms and give all other particulars at his room. No. 8 Hotel Dieu. HENRY HOWARD, Architect."

Henry Howard, the Irish-born architect noted for designing the Cyprien Dufour Residence (1707 Esplanade Avenue) and the First Presbyterian Church on Lafayette Square (destroyed by the Great Hurricane of 1915), died in November 1884 after a prolonged illness.


george schmidt said...

The Presbyterian church on Lafayette Square was not destroyed by the hurricane of 1915 but by the New Deal to build the Federal Building on North Maestri Street.There are photographs taken in the late 30s that prove its existence then .The congregation was suburbanized and moved to South Claiborne and Nashville where it is today.

Anonymous said...

Is there any information re the purchaser(s) of these invaluable materials?

Keli Rylance said...

I have not found mention of the purchase, but you might try asking at the Historic New Orleans Collection if they have provenance records for the Henry Howard drawings.