Thursday, February 10, 2011

Architect Frederick W. Brown

Architectural Art and Its Allies reported in September 1907 the arrival of a new architect:

Mr. Frederick W. Brown, of the firm of F.W. Brown, Ten Eyck Brown & P. Thornton Marye, of Atlanta, architects of the new courthouse, will open up permanent offices here under the name of Brown & Brown, and expects to make New Orleans his home. He is a strong believer in the great future of this city, and that the advance along the lines of building cannot be retarded. Mr. Brown will be joined here next month by his daughter, Miss Kathleen Ten Eyck Brown, who is now in Chicago, engaging in the woman's golf tournament for the national cup.

In speaking of the courthouse work, Mr. Brown said that it was progressing finely. While the public may not be able to see signs of material progress, much of the most difficult work of preparing foundations has been done and it will not be many weeks before the superstructure will begin to rise.

"Frederick W. Brown: Court House Architect Makes New Orleans His Home." Architectural Art and Its Allies III:3 (September 1907): p. 7.

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