Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chartres Street Ghost 1915

As reported by The Washington Post 12 March 1915:

"Legends like the fragrance of lavender hang about the old buildings in Chartres street, eight blocks below Canal. Tenement houses now, in the old days they were the abodes of cavaliers and fair ladies.

Even now when the lights are out and the neighborhood is dark swords and silks swirl in ghostly sarabands as the dwellers of other days come back and take possession for the night of their former abode. At least that is one of the legends, and the imaginative of the neighborhood will vouch for its authenticity.

Miss Lucille Lacoste ever since she was a little girl has lived in one of these 'haunted' tenements. She and her mother have a dingy little room and oftentimes the girl would wake her mother and bid her listen to the gallants and their ladies as they danced the olden dances on the vacant floors below.

Lately she had become imbued with the idea that one of the cavaliers nightly sought her for a partner in a minuet. . . "

To read more, consult the database ProQuest Historical Newspapers, available from Tulane University (and other) libraries.

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