Monday, November 16, 2009

Prince Charles Meets Manchu

The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment is partnering with the Preservation Resource Center to restore the derelict New Orleans property located at 1423 North Claiborne, immediately next to MANCHU, the Mardi Gras-colored cinderblock fried chicken shack. Traditional building craft apprentices will tackle the double-galleried structure that once housed the American Missionary Association (AMA). Once the project has been completed, 1423 will be donated to another non-profit organization.

The AMA Archives are located on Tulane University's campus at the Amistad Research Center.


Annie said...

The PRC actually owns the building. They have established a partnership with the Prince's Foundation to create an apprenticeship program that focuses on the traditional building crafts. This house is to serve as the main focus of the apprentices for the next few years. Upon completion, it will be donated to another local non-profit,

Keli Rylance said...

Thank you for the update!