Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fifteen Years Ago Today.....

Ronette King reported for the Times-Picayune:

"In a town that cherishes old houses and architectural forms, little notice has been paid to their plain, square neighbors.

For decades, the simple shotgun with one room upon another was dressed in a glorified exterior with a dizzying array of brackets, intricate millwork and an impressive color palette.

So the modern style - manifest in an unadorned facade, devoid of decorative detailing at doors or windows and little other ornamentation - has often received little notice or become cause to bemoan the loss of New Orleans' unique architectural history.

Although it has earned the title International Style, such modern architecture has had to fight for a place in the collective heart of New Orleans.

So to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Tulane School of Architecture, alumni, staff members and lovers of the modern style have banded together to explain the attributes of this architecture and its place in the local landscape and history. Centennial events include a lecture, panel discussion and tour of six homes and churches designed by Tulane graduates."

To read more, consult Lexis-Nexis Academic, available through Tulane University Libraries Research Databases.


Francine Stock said...

I found a grainy photocopied brochure from that tour and scanned it a few months ago.

Thanks for the info on the article.

Keli Rylance said...

Thank you!