Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fumigants & Architecture

The National Library of Medicine has recently upgraded the interface for Images from the History of Medicine (IHM), its wonderful digital repository.

As my New Orleans house is being fumigated today, it prompted memories of the eradication efforts for yellow fever. Upper left is a 1905 photograph of the U.S. Public Health and Marine Hospital fumigation service in New Orleans (Image ID 151300). IHM contains many photographs of New Orleans public health efforts, as well as images of historic health officials, hospitals and medical programs. Search "Tulane" and you will find images of Tulane University's School of Medicine, which was originally housed in Richardson Memorial, now home to the Tulane School of Architecture.

At left is a 1914-1920 image described in IHM metadata as "View down a walkway and street littered with piles of wood, probably from buildings destroyed to eradicate rats; a horse and carriage (center left) are paused in front of a building entrance. New Orleans (La.)." Image ID 143334.


Francine Stock said...

Were your ears burning or something? I've been wanting to head over to LA collection soon to check out vintage photos of RM. Thanks for the link to the medical images site.

Keli Rylance said...

I would like to claim prescience, but am only a human with termites.

sussah said...

Here's my photo of a termite tent on a church uptown. It's hard to be taken seriously when wearing bold stripes: